Board level products for harsh environments


From I/O cylindrical to high density board level connectors or thermal clamps to rugged Ethernet solutions, Amphenol provides the broadest selection of high reliability and harsh environment dedicated products. Coupled with an undeniable expertise, Amphenol support all of your system-level need.

Amphenol Socapex box capabilities

Interconnect products inside and outside the box.
The broadest selection of I/O front panel and rectangular board level connectors that exceed the high reliability and harsh environment requirements for critical systems.

Amphenol Socapex board level capabilities

Amphenol Socapex has developed a full range of PCB rectangular connectors dedicated to harsh environment applications.
Need for high-density: SMASH and HDAS ranges.
Need for hybrid & modularity: HiLinX modular connector.
Need for lateral displacement: SIAL, SIHD and thermal clamps ranges.

Other Amphenol board level capabilities

With Amphenol Backplane Systems (ABS), Amphenol Printed Circuits (APC), Amphenol Aerospace Operations (AAO), Amphenol Teradyne Connection Systems (ATCS)...
Be sure to select the right connector for your application among the most complete range of board level connectors.

Selection guide

You need some help to choose a connector or to make a part number.