Board level products for harsh environments

Board level products

HILINX, the 100% modular & hybrid connector.

Unique M55302 modular interconnect. System of interlocking signal, power, fiber optics and HF modules for dedicated board level mixed solution.
With HiLinX range, create the connector you need.

HDAS, high density monolithic connector.
Provides higher current rate capability & extreme withstanding to harsh environments, such as very high temperature and vibrations level.
HDAS: the most competitive range.

SMASH, high density interconnect system for harsh environment applications.
For the most demanding electronic packaging interconnects. Provides lateral floatment capability and numerous features (filter, shielding, matched impedance, differential pairs...).
SMASH: the advandced SEM E modular connector.

SIAL, the hybrid connector for use with thermal clamps
Modular PCB interconnect, provides various combinations of both signal and HF contact inserts.
SIAL range.

SIHD, the monolithic connector for use with thermal clamps
Monolithic staggered grid connector with floating capability feature...
SIHD range.

127 / HE8, proven, reliable & robust connectors.
Proven legacy product, which meets various worldwide standard. Various features, including a wide range of hardware and locking devices.
127 / HE8: the well-proven technology.

THERMAL CLAMPS, designed to nesure heat dissipation & boards' guiding.
Chassis devices, which both help to dissipate components heating and block the daughter cards into the box slots grooves.
Thermal clamps range.