Board level products for harsh environments


Proven, reliable and robust connectors


The 127 series is a medium-density range of multi-contact plug-in connectors for printed circuit boards. This range of 2.54[.100] staggered grid, low profile connectors meets the common harsh environmental requirements. A wide range of fittings and guides, as well as numerous contact terminations, provide more flexibility to PCB designers.

A well-proven technology

The 127 series uses a 2.54 mm [.100 in] staggered grid pitch with 2.54 mm [.100 in] between rows, available in 2 or 3 rows. The contact technology is based on the turning fork and blade concept. Using advanced copper alloys provides optimized electrical conductivity as well as long-term mechanical reliability.

A large choice of attachments on Printed Circuit Boards

Different styles, from 17 to 144 contacts with various terminations: straight, right angled 90°, crimp barrel, solder cup, SMT and wire-wrapping. Hybrid patterns, with a combination of 3 to 10 special cavities, permit the usage of coaxial, power contacts, as well as optical termini.

The 127 series connectors are available in 3 different versions: HE801/ HE804 / HE807

Main characteristics

  • 2.54 [.100] staggered grid (1.27 [.050] offset), 2.54 [.100] between rows
  • Density: 0.11 cts/mm² [71 cts/in²]
  • Numerous contact terminations and fittings
  • Hybrid patterns with power or coax contacts
  • From 17 to 144 signal contacts, 0 to 10 special contacts
  • 3 A per signal contacts
  • Fully compatible with all the standard connector HE801, HE804 & HE807 on the market
  • Terminations and recommended configurations
  • Right angle PC tail
  • SMT single side or double side
  • Straight PC tail
  • Solder cup
  • Wire wrap
  • Crimp barrel
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  • Special contacts
  • Power contacts 10A
  • Power contacts 20A
  • Coaxial contacts


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