Board level products for harsh environments


High density monolithic PCB connector


Amphenol reduces the pitch and increases the density of contacts with the brand new HDAS range. 1.905 x 1.905 [.075 x .075] staggered grid.
With its robust and simple design, high density and high performance to extreme conditions, HDAS is the right connector when installation cost, and reliability must be considered.

100% cost effective

The press-fit technology allows significant assembly cost reduction on the backplane while ensuring an extreme reliability, even for the thickest motherboards.
No more solder joints, pre-baking, or cleaning.

100% optimized

  • The guiding/keying devices can be polarized in 6 positions within their own cavities, i.e. 36 keying possibilities per connector
  • The lateral rails on the male connector provide optimal protection to the contacts
  • The mechanical protection of the female contacts is provided per design

100% performing

  • The proven starclip technology of the socket provides a higher current rate, as well as an improved robustness as compare to the traditional technologies
  • LCP material allows all types of soldering processes as well as a higher temperature rating
  • HDAS has surpassed all MIL-DTL-55302 requirements as well as the new demands for military transportation

Main characteristics

  • High density: 0.16 cts/mm² [103 cts/in²]
  • 9 sizes from 3 to 6 rows, 50 to 402 signal contacts
  • 5A per signal contact
  • DWV: 800 Vrms
  • Press fit solderless attachment technology available
  • Lateral rails to protect male pins from external damage
  • Terminations and recommended configurations


Commercial avionics & airframe
Military avionics & airframe
Ground vehicle


On board computer
Display units
Power units
Landing gear