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The hybrid connector for use with thermal clamps


SIAL is a modular interconnection system that has the capability to mix signal and coax contacts. The contact technology allows the use of thermal clamps. With 3 sizes of modules, the SIAL connectors provide the arrangement needed, from 18 to 392 contacts. In a staggered grid pattern, this connector houses 5 rows of contacts in a low profile board to board format. Additionally, SIAL connectors provide shielding on both plug & receptacle, which allows the dissipation of all the electrical charge while mating.

The concept 3 standard modules are available with 15, 58 and 98 signal contacts on 5 rows. These allow arrangements up to 392 contacts. The various modules are maintained in a metallic shell, allowing both protection of male contacts on the plug, and a mix of signal and coax modules. Compatible with the use of thermal clamps Its standard contact technology, already used in the monolithic SIHD connector, permits the lateral displacement (± 0.25 [.010]) of the pin into the socket without generating any stress on the contact termination on the PCB. This feature allows the use of thermal clamps to keep the daughter board in position after mating, as well as the dissipation of energy generated by the components on the board from the heat sink (thermal drain) to the cold wall (liquid cooled) or to the chassis. The locking of the thermal clamps provides the lateral movement of the plug into the receptacle. The SIAL allows this lateral displacement without creating stress on the solder joints or on the contact area. A complete range for test, programming, maintenance Female receptacle for mother board Male plug for daughter board Female test receptacle for daughter board Male test plug Female extender receptacle

Main characteristics Modular connector mixing signal and coax contacts in many arrangements Lateral displacement capability allowing the use of thermal clamps: ± 0.25 [.010] Complete range for test, programming and maintenance Designed for severe mechanical environments Medium density: 0.14 cts/mm² [90 cts/inch²] 3 A per contacts / DWV: 750 Vrms 13 arrangements on 5 rows of contacts, from 18 to 392 signal contacts 5 hybrid arrangements mixing coax and signal contacts Lateral rails to protect the male contacts from external damage Repairable contacts for easy maintenance Terminations and recommended configurations Right angle PC tail SMT double side centered or off centered Straight PC tail Mettre les pictos de la page 70 du catalogue Coaxial contacts Size 16 Size 12


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