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The monolithic connector for use with thermal clamps


The SIHD connector combines excellent electrical performances with high contact density within a robust housing, which can withstand extreme environmental conditions. In addition, the lateral displacement capability allows the use of thermal clamps for heat management, as well as a more relaxed positional tolerance on the backplane. The optional central ground strip provides cross talk protection and permits the routing of diffenrentail pairs. Contacts can be repaired and replaced individually.

The ability to include ground strips Transmission of high-speed signals made easy by reducing self inductance with the inclusion of central ground strips Cross talk and self impedance levels reduced impedance 70Ω to 120Ω Capacitance distributed along signal contacts Compatible with the use of thermal clamps Its standard contact technology, already used in the monolithic SIAL connector, permits the lateral displacement (± 0.25 [.010]) of the pin into the socket without generating any stress on the contact termination on the PCB. This feature allows the use of thermal clamps to keep the daughter board in position after mating, as well as the dissipation of energy generated by the components on the board from the heat sink (thermal drain) to the cold wall (liquid cooled) or to the chassis. The locking of the thermal clamps provides the lateral movement of the plug into the receptacle. The SIHD allows this lateral displacement of ± 0.25 [.010] without creating stress on the solder joints or on the contact area.

Main characteristics 2.54[.100] staggered grid (1.27 [.050] offset), 1.905 [.075] between rows Lateral displacement capability allowing the use of thermal clamps: ± 0.25 [.010] Possibility to have a central ground strip Designed for severe mechanical environments Low weight Medium density: 0.14 cts/mm² [90 cts/inch²] 3 A per contacts / DWV: 750 Vrms (375 Vrms for F1U2 cts) 7 variations: 5 rows from 102 to 390 signal contacts Lateral rails to protect the male contacts from external damage Repairable contacts for easy maintenance Terminations and recommended configurations Right angle PC tail SMT double side Straight PC tail Crimp barrel Wire wrap Mettre les pictos de la page 88 du catalogue


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