Board level products for harsh environments


High density interconnect system for harsh environment applications


The SMASH offers high robustness where signal integrity is required.
Based on an aluminium shell with 1, 2 or 3 bays, the SMASH can house up to 450 contacts. The chevron grid pattern (1.905 x 1.905 [.075 x .75]) provides high contact density for advanced electronics packaging. The shell is equipped with grounding, guide pins, and keying devices to ensure mechanical reliability.

The modularity

Within the standard SEM E form factor, the SMASH connector provides a wide array of signal transmission combinations. Various inserts can be housed within the robust, modular shell while meeting the standard board and chassis formats.

The flexibility

From 1 to 3 bays with 150 or 132 signal contacts per bay, the SMASH connector is available in either chevron grid or staggered grid patterns. It can provide RF, power, and fiber optic solutions with hybrid arrangements. LVDS signals are also available.

A connector that is adaptable to all types of mounting and soldering processes

The sculptured flex circuit termination of the daughter card connector can accept the thickest boards. No tooling is required as the design provides good alignment to the solder pads of the daughter card.

A connector dedicated to harsh environment

The Starclip technology of the socket contact (with a 6-tine clip) offers high mechanical and electrical reliability, combined with low insertion force. The SMASH connector is ruggedized to meet extreme conditions such as salt spray, vibration, and contact resistance.

Main characteristics 3 versions with 1, 2 or 3 bays Each insert can house up 132 or 150 signal contacts depending on contacts sizes High density: 0.34 cts/mm² [130 cts/inch²] 3 A per contacts / DWV: 1000 Vrms / Insulation resistance: 5 Gohms Press-fit solderless attachment possible. Consult us Aluminium shell for electrical enhancements (filters, shell to shell continuity) as well as advanced mechanical robustness. Terminations and recommended configurations Press fit termination Straight PC tail Surface Mounting Termination


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