Board level products for harsh environments

Amphenol TCS
Amphenol TCS (ATCS) is the leader in:

  • high-speed
  • high-density connection systems
  • designing and manufacturing the industry's leading high-speed
  • high-density connectors and backplane systems.
Amphenol TCS solves system design challenges with integrated interconnect solutions for application in the:
  • networking
  • communications
  • storage and computer server markets

Amphenol Canada Corporation
High density interconnect system for harsh environment applications Highly robust advanced SEMP E form factor connector. For the most demanding electronic packaging interconnects. Provides lateral foatment capacity and numerous features:

  • filet
  • shielding
  • matched impedance
  • differential pairs....
  • SMASH:advandced SEM E modular connector.

Amphenol Printed Circuits
Amphenol Printed Circuits is a world leader in:

  • the printed circuit industry
  • building PCB s
  • Backplanes
  • Flex and Rigid Flex products
to meet our customers demanding needs. Amphenol Printed Circuits (APC) capabilities are among the world s broadest and most advanced, delivering consistent quality and reliability for demanding high-bandwidth systems and mission critical applications for more than 30 years.

Amphenol Backplane Systems
Amphenol Backplane Systems (ABS), part of Amphenol Corporation, is the leading manufacturer of custom backplane assemblies using

  • high-density
  • ruggedized
  • board to backplane interconnects.