Board level products for harsh environments


High density/speed low mating force range


When more contact density is required, the HDB3 High Density Series with .070 inch X .060 inch staggered grid spacing is the solution.
HSB high speed configurations allow data ratesz up to 3.125 Gb/s via 100 ohm matched impedance differential pairs.

Bristle Brush contact technology: higher density in tighter spacing

  • Multiple strands of high tensile strength wire bundled together to form brush-like contacts provides low mating force, extended service life and stable electrical performance
  • Multiple contact interfaces – Strands of high tensile wire are bundled together to form brush-like contacts. By intermeshing two multi-strand wire bundles, an electrical connection is made.
  • Provides redundant current paths, 14-70 (points of contact) per mated contact with a gas tight junction
  • Very smooth (low friction) interface

HDB3/HSB3: High density / high speed brush series

  • High density contact pattern: .070″ x .060″ grid spacing
  • Low mated height: .500 from mother board to row A of daughter board
  • Utilizes the high performance brush contact system for reliability in harsh environments
  • Mounting hardware, keys and guide pins have been combined to occupy less board space
  • Available in the following contact arrangements: 40 contacts, 80 contacts, 120 contacts, 160 contacts
  • Configurable for data rates up to 3.125 Gbps data rates per differential pair

  • This new connector series of brush connectors incorporates a high density contact pattern and lower mated height than Amphenol’s standard low mating force rectangular conncetors. HDB3 connectors utilize the same durable and reliable B3 brush contact in a tighter .070″ x .060″ staggered grid pattern.
  • They offer the advantage of higher density in a compact-height connector utilizing less board space. Styles include mother board, daughter board, input/output and stacker

HDB3 I/O connector:

  • For cable to cable
  • Cable to board applications
  • Crimp termination
  • Uses wire well size 22D

HDB3 stacker

  • For applications that need or demand parallel boards

HSB3: High speed brush series

  • High speed configuration available that allows data rates up to 3.125 Gb/s via ohm matched impedance differential pairs
  • *
  • Partially populated standard HDB3 mother board & daughter board bodies

The low mating force connectors serve various markets, including

  • Military avionics & airframe
  • Commercial avionics & airframe
  • Ground vehicles
  • C4ISR
  • Navy