Board level products for harsh environments


High performance Line Replaceable Module range


Amphenol LRM surface mount connectors meet the high-density needs of today’s integrated electronic modules. With its flexibility in design, Amphenol LRM interconnects are capable of meeting the wide variety of user requirements: LRM interconnects can be designed in 1,2,3 and more bay configurations. LRM digital(brush) inserts can be combined with inserts for power, fiber optics, RF, high speed and high amperage RADSOK contacts

Design flexibility

Amphenol’s LRM connector family offers the versatility to facilitate custom combinations of digital, fiber optics, RF, power and special high speed inserts to meet individual customer requirements.

Bristle Brush contact technology

Multiple strands of high tensile strength wire bundled together to form brush-like contacts provides low mating force, extended service life and stable electrical performance

Staggered Grid LRM: High contact density in SEM-E form factors

Digital insert pattern grid is in 8 rows. 0.100 inch spacing along the row with 0.050 inch between rows, rows offset 0.050 inch

  • Typical standard arrangements: 80, 108, 152 or 180 digital brush contacts
  • Various shell designs available to accommodate a wide range of PCB/heat sink
  • SMT termination on module connectors, PCB on backplane connectors
  • ESD protection
  • LVDS differential pair insert available, 100 ohm matched impedance, exceeding 1.2 Gbps available

High-speed LRM: GigaStak, GigaStak-LG, DigiStak & DigiStak-X

These LRMs are designed, or can be configured to achieve data rates up to 6.25 Gb/s and include all the features of the rugged and reliable staggered grid LRM series.
In addition, the GigaStak and DigiStak series incorporate Amphenol’s cStack solderless termination technology.

  • Optimized insert through strategic placement of signal and ground contacts
  • Perfect balance of impedance control and cross talk mitigation
  • 100 ohm matched impedance differential pairs
  • GigaStak 6.25 Gb/s
  • GigaStak-LG 3.125 Gb/s
  • Standard staggered grid 1.25

Ruggedized VME64x

  • Amphenol has designed a ruggized a ruggedized VME64x connector that surpasses the standard VME64x. Metal shells, ESD protection and a robust contact system makes this a superior choice for harsh environments requiring Level 2 (Flight Line) maintenance.
  • The ruggedized VME64x connector mounts to standard VME64x cards and backplanes, but it does not mate to other types of VME commercial connectors.
  • Metal shells -mount directly to the standard VME card mounting holes, providing support and protection to the inserts in module and additional stiffness to the backplane.
  • The metal shells create a farady cage around the contacts, preventing ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) into the contacts (module only)
  • An adapter is available that will easily mount the Amphenol Ruggedized VME64x connector to a standard COTS VME64x
  • Robust contact system
  • 3 module inserts in one unified shell; each can have different interconnect combinations. P1, P2 and 2mm electrical PO – P1 and P2 combination -P1,P2 and fiber optic MT ferrules in the PO position
  • Inserts are designed to customer specifications
  • Optional solderless termination on the backplane connector is available

The LRM series serves various markets, including

  • Military avionics & airframe
  • Commercial avionics & airframe
  • Ground vehicles
  • C4ISR
  • Space