Board level products for harsh environments

Backplane assembly

Backplane assembly


For over 40 years, Amphenol Backplane Systems (ABS) has been a leading manufacturer of backplane assemblies and enclosures for military and aerospace applications. ABS combines a wide range of innovative product and process technologies, advanced component manufacturing, and process control with highly focused, customer specific program management and testing at the assembly level. In addition, we provide expert design and unsurpassed applications engineering assistance at every step of the way.

For electrical testing, ABS offers Level I (bareboard), Level II (post assembly), and Level III (in-circuit) capabilities. Our industry leading large-format surface mount line with a capability of up to 29” X 60” circuits is well positioned for the largest backplanes in the industry as well as volume production of standard backplane products.
Our advanced manufacturing support software allows us to maintain our world class configuration control as well as create a state-of-the-art visual workplace to ensure we are exceeding customer expectations. Our in-house capability for environmental testing such as Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) supports the increasing customer need for product assurance.
In support of the continued need for leading-edge technology coupled with best cost manufacturing, we have established a qualified DoD Manufacturing Licensing Agreement (MLA) approved work center at our Amphenol Nogales, Mexico campus. This site is a duplication of our Nashua, New Hampshire manufacturing capability and will meet the needs of programs looking for a low cost option, while remaining in North America.

Key features

Amphenol Backplane Systems production capabilities are the result of investment in new state-of-the-art equipment and software such as:

  • Press-it installation
  • Through-hole soldering
  • Automated hi-temp soldering
  • Large-format surface mount soldering
  • Aqueous cleaning
  • Conformal coat (type UR and XY)
  • Electrical test

We have also expanded our manufacturing capability to include:

  • Enclosure and Value-added Assembly
  • High-end Cable and Flex Assemblies
  • Integrated Bus Systems
  • Machined Enclosures and Metal Faceplates

The backplane assemblies serve various markets, including

  • Military avionics & airframe
  • Commercial avionics & airframe
  • C4ISR
  • Ground vehicles
  • Navy