Board level products for harsh environments


Ultra-high density interconnect packaging


Amphenol’s UHD connector combines high interconnect density (80 contacts per linear inch) and design flexibility with proven technologies to meet a wide range of advanced, high reliability packaging requirements.

Key features

The foundation of the UHD connector is a downsized version of the proven MIL-C-28859 tuning fork and MIL-C-28754 blade contact technologies. The UHD connector packages 396 contacts with two mounting attachments into the SEM-E format, using an eight rob 0.100″ x 0.050″ staggered grid to optimize trace routing through the backplane.

Backplane connectors use solderless compliant press-fit contacts. The module connectors are surface mounted to the module using rigid pin or flex-circuit terminations. The UHD connector has been designed to provide signal integrity and interconnect density to meet today’s advanced system-level requirements while maintaining a robust design.

Designers faced with unique packaging requirements will appreciate the design flexibility of the UHD connector. A modular approach allows for straightforward incorporation of signal, power, coax, and fiber-optic inserts, as well as EMI shielding, all within the same connector footprint. This modular approach also enables the production of connectors that are longer or shorter than the basic SEM-E format.

UHD 372 PIN connector SEM-E

  • 372 Digital contacts
  • SEM-E Format
  • IEEE 1101.4, 1101.7, 1101.9
  • DESC 89065-93002
  • Rigid or Flex Terminations

UHD 300-PIN multipurpose connector

  • 300 Digital Contacts
  • SEM-E Format
  • DESC 89065-93004
  • 8 Size-16 M-29504 Fiber Optic, Coax Contacts
  • Rigid or Flex Terminations

UHD 556 Pin Connector Futurebus+ 10-SU

  • 556 Digital Contacts
  • 10-SU Format
  • EIA/IS-753
  • IEEE 1101.3, 1101.8
  • Rigid or Flex Terminations

UHD 296 PIN connector with 270V Power

  • 296 Digital Contacts
  • SEM-E Format/li>
  • DESC 89065-93006
  • Two 270V Power Contacts
  • Rigid or Flex Terminations

UHD 396 PIN Connector Futurebus+ SEM-E

  • 396 Digital Contacts
  • SEM-E Format
  • EIA/IS-753
  • IEEE 1101.4, 1101.7, 1101.9
  • Rigid or Flex Terminations

The UHD series serves various markets, including

  • Military avionics & airframe
  • Commercial avionics & airframe
  • Space