Board level products for harsh environments


Ruggedized high-data rate, VITA 46/48/60-footprint compatible


Amphenol’s VIPER connector is a shielded, high-density, high speed modular interconnect with press fit terminations. The daughtercard assembly is optimized for differential pair architecture on a 1.8mm x 1.35mm grid. The daughtercard is a waferized and provides single-ended and power wafer options integrated onto a stainless steel stiffener with stainless steel frame and keying elements. The backplane has signal contacts that incorporate highly reliable 4-point-of-contact beam design, and ground contacts which are robust compliant pin & contact fork design.


  • High-level vibration and mechanical shock protection
  • Condensing moisture resistance
  • Ruggedization

Data rates

The VIPER connector platform offers the ability to scale from 80 Mbps to over 10 GBps while retaining the same VITA 46 backplane slot pitch at 20.3mm to 25.4mm

Derivated options

  • Integrated RF solutions with 65 GHz SMPM connectors
  • Optical MT connectors integrated into VIPER stiffener envelope

Key features

  • Fully footprint-compatible with VITA 46 and VITA 48 standards
  • Hi-speed: designed for 10+ Gb/s data rate performance
  • 100 ohm impedance for differential pair configuration
  • ESD protection
  • +/- 0.520 mm nominal translation in fully mated condition
  • Separable interface offering 70 single-ended signals and 63 differential signals

The VIPER series serves various markets, including

  • Military avionics & airframe
  • Commercial avionics & airframe
  • C4ISR
  • Ground vehicles