Board level products for harsh environments


Rack and panel connectors


ARINC 600 connectors are a recognized standard rack and panel connector for aircraft applications. The ARINC 600 is the successor to the ARINC 404 for many of the new avionic designs. Compared to the ARINC 404, the ARINC 600 features lower mating force contacts, increased contact count and a front release, floating keying system.

Key features

Amphenol’s extensive product offering will meet the most demanding needs of our customers. At the design-in stage, Amphenol’s sales engineers will work with you to select a connector from our standard product line or coordinate the design of an application specific connector. Amphenol’s ARINC 600 rack and panel connectors are designed to meet all relevant ARINC 600 connector specifications.

Amphenol ARINC 600 Connectors offer:

  • Low insertion force contacts
  • Both environmental and non-environmental versions
  • Front removable keying posts
  • Field replaceable inserts for size 22 and power contacts
  • Up to 800 size 22 contact positions in one connector
  • Crimp, coaxial, power, printed circuit, and wire wrap contacts
  • Wavaeguide connections