Board level products for harsh environments

Printed circuits

Printed circuits capabilities


Amphenol Printed Circuits’(APC) capabilities are among the world’s broadest and most advanced, delivering consistent quality and reliability for demanding high-bandwidth systems and mission critical applications for more than 25 years. Proven engineering and manufacturing expertise eliminates printed circuit board design obstacles.

Key features

  • Size is not a constraint
  • High layer count
  • « Size-to-Fit » application
  • Fine feature-to-feature pitch
  • Chip processing components
  • Ability to reduce package size and maintain consistent signal speed and integrity through material selections and design capabilities.


  • High performance materials for high speed digital applications
  • Copper weight variability to carry high speed signal or power within one design
  • Precision back-drilling for high-speed signal integrity
  • Blind and or Burried-Via’s allow for higher-density component routing
  • Sequential lamination allows for increased functionality and more complex components
  • Mix of technologies for Through-Hole and Surface Mount technologies
  • TFE, LCP and other advanced laminates and advanced composite laminates
  • Hybrid contructions are available to help lower material costs, decrease packaging as well as many other benefits
  • Planar and Screened resistors
  • In-house Via Fill and ENEPIG
  • In-house Assembly
  • HDI mixed and Power
  • Control Depth & Air Drilling


  • Ease of assembly as circuit 1 and 1,000 are built with the same tooling guaranteeing reproducibility
  • Larger sized backplanes eliminates « jumper » cabling within a chassis improving reliability, lowers assembly cost and creates stronger signal integrity
  • Surface finishes are compatible with traditional « leaded » assembly and higher temperature « lead-free » processing
  • Wide range of material selections to suit the design form power to high-speed (25gb) applications