Board level products for harsh environments


High performance, low profile solutions


Difficult electronic packaging challenges require innovative solutions. Aptera connector meets these challenges with a high-speed interconnect designed specifically for space constrained areas. Aptera’s pin assignments are not predetermined, providing more flexibility when it comes to PCB routing design.
The combination of small format and high performance capabilities make Aptera the ideal solution for applications such as servers, storage, and networking equipment.

Key features

  • Ideal for the space constraints of high-speed memory and card edge applications
  • Streamlined construction allows optimal airflow
  • Low crosstalk supports 6.25 Gbps data rate
  • Impedance controlled at 100 ± 10 ohms
  • Superior mechanical integrity

Flexibility for Optimized Solutions

Aptera’s design incorporates Amphenol’s modular connector architecture, providing designers with a high level of flexibility to meet performance requirements. Streamlined construction allows for optimal airflow.

  • Modular design allows for backplane and power modules on the same card edge for optimized performance
  • Low profile construction reduces minimum slot pitch between daughtercards to 10mm (.39″)
  • SMT daughtercard termination to the card edge
  • Supports various daughtercard thicknesses
  • Backplane components and slot pitch remain consistent regardless of daughtercard thickness

Proven Technology

The Aptera connector leverages proven technology with:

  • Press-fit technology on the backplane, GbX® 0.018″ (0,46mm) compliant pin technology for improved impedance matching and ample design clearance for manufacturing
  • Blind mate with keying and guidance
  • Modular architecture to optimize size and configuration to the application

Dedicated power Delivary

The Aptera power module incorporates the same low profile features of Aptera’s other components allowing it to work in-line.

  • 2 row blade configuration
  • Up to 3 amps per contact
  • Design modules with up 20 poitions mawimum per module


Mezzanine solution provides the same electrical performance as standard Aptera

  • Mates with standard backplane modules
  • Available in 40mm board-to-board stack heights
  • Uses proven GbX compliant pin technology