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20+ Gbps orthogonal architecture solution


The Crossbow connector system is the first differential connector truly optimized for orthogonal midplane configurations. The Crossbow connector family provides designers with superior electrical performance to 20+ Gbps for orthogonal midplane architectures.

Key features

    20+ Gbps performance
  • Meets the IEEE 802.3ap v3.2 10GBASE-KR standard with margin
  • XCede® technology optimized for orthogonal midplane architectures
  • Demonstrated 100 Ohms ± 5% impedance across an entire link
  • De-skewed differential pairs
  • Less than 1.5% crosstalk at 50 picoseconds
  • 4 x 4, 6 x 6, 8 x 8, and 8 x 9 configurations available for matrix connectors
  • 4-Pair, 6-Pair and 8-Pair configurations for non orthogonal connectors

Superior Electrical Performance

Crossbow allows designers to take advantage of all the benefits associated with orthogonal midplane architectures as the differential pairs on each side of the midplane share vias creating a straight pass-through connection. This shared via approach combined with the Crossbow footprint, eliminates most electrical problems associated with the typical backplane via stub. This includes eliminating crosstalk in the footprint, reflections, and impedance mismatches — the Crossbow connector system has demonstrated a 100 Ohms ± 5% impedance across a full link.
Crossbow connectors leverage optimized trace geometries, optimized footprint patterns, and an advanced 3-D shielding technique that fully surrounds and isolates the differential signals. The results are minimal transmission loss past 10 GHz, tightly matched impedance, and reduced crosstalk through the connector and the entire system.

  • The Crossbow Matrix comes in 6×6 (36 pair) and 4×4 (16 pair) configurations which include BP Module and mating daughtercard Module.
    The 6×6 includes 6 wafers with 6 differential pairs per wafer on the daughtercard and 6 columns with 6 diferential pairs per BP module.
    The 4×4 includes 4 wafers with 4 differential pairs per backplane module.
    These modules can be combined with power and polarizing/guidance to achieve the desired pin count and mix of features.
  • The crossbow 2mm+ includes signal wafers that can be populated in min configurations of 5 wafers per stiffener/organzer to mate to the backplane modules. The 2mm+ signal wafer also shares the same stiffener/organizer as the 6×6 Matrix and utilizes the same guidance and power
  • The Crossbow nono orthogonal is currently offered in 4-Pair x 4 Row, 6-Pairx6 Row, 8-Pairx 8 Row configurations.
    The 4 pair 4 row daughtercard module comes with smaller compliant pins and is intermatable with Crossbow Matrix 4×4 connector.
    The 6 pair 6 row daughtercard module also comes with smaller compliant pins and is intermatable with the Crossbow Matrix 6×6 connector.
    The 8-pair includes 4 wafers or 8 wafers with 8 differential pairs per wafer on the daughtercard and 4 columns or 8 columns with 8 differnetial pairs per backplane podule respectively