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Designed for 10 Gbps data rate


Amphenol’s eHSD connector is a shielded, high-density, high-speed press-fit connector system optimized for differential pair architectures.
eHSD is a powerful upgrade connector to the VHDM-HSD platform with a significant reduction in crosstalk and scalable data rates greater than 10Gbps.

Optimized performance

  • eHSD is designed to support up to Gb/s backplane designs
  • eHSD is fully backwards compatible with VHDM-HSD delivering as much as 10 dB lower crosstalk
  • Modular designs allows the features and functionality required in a system to be integrated in a single robust connector 38 real differential pairs per linear inch.
  • The eHSD 5-row connector meets the latest IEEE 802.3ap v3.2 10GBASE
  • The connector supports data rates up to 10Gbps delivering up to 10 dB lower crosstalk and insertion loss at 10GHz less than 2dB. With an identical mating interface and envelope, the eHSD connector is fully backwards mate compatible with existing VHDM-HSD slots. Designers can use the eHSD connector to extend the life of existing designs and reduce development costs by scaling systems to next generation speeds without costly re-designs.

Key features

The eHSD platform includes 5-row and 8-row versions with densities from 25 to 38 real differential pairs per linear inch (10-15 real differential pairs per 10mm) and additional power and guidance opitions

  • eHSD 8-row
    38 real differnetial pairs per linear inch (15 real differnetial pairs per 10 mm).
    Minimum slot pitch:22mm
  • eHSD 5-row
    25 real differential pairs per linear inch (10 real differential pairs per 10 mm)
    Minimum slot pitch: 15mm

Create customized slot configurations by mixing any combination of the VHDM®, VHDM-HSDTM and eHSD® modules on the same rear organizing stiffener.

  • VHDM-HSD -high-speed differential signals
  • eHSD -up to 10 Gbps performance
  • VHDM signal ended, high-density with greater signal integrity
  • VHDM H-Series-single-ended, high-density with greater signal integrity
  • VHDM L-Series -single-ended, shieldless for low-speed connections