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Advanced performance interconnect


More Density at Today’s Speeds
Amphenol’s GbX connector platform provides a range of interconnect solutions designed to optimize cost and scale to leading-edge data rates. With increased density, exceptional impedance matching, and low crosstalk, the GbX product family enables data rates up to 6.25 Gbps.

key features

  • Vertical and horizontal routing make GbX® the ideal solution for dual star of full mesh backplane architectures
  • 27.5-69 real differential pairs per linear inch (11-27 real differential pairs per centimeter)
  • GbX delivers data rates of 5 Gbps with ample design margin.
  • Ideal for 10 Gbps (4 x 3.125) XAUI applications

Advanced Performance Differential Interconnect

  • Power module consumes less card edge space per ampere than any other 2mm solution on the market
  • High Density: The GbX® connector provides up to 69 pairs per linear inch (5-Pair configuration) with a choice of configurations (2, 3, 4, and 5-Pair) for higher application flexibility
  • Reliability: Two points of contact at a separable interface for superior mechanical robustness
  • Flexibility: Combination of density, connector modularity and ability to route vertically and horizontally, make GbX® the ideal solution for dual star or full mesh backplanes

GbX® E-Series: Enhanced Electrical Performance Backplane Module

Upgrade your existing backplane platforms to enhanced electrical performance without costly re-design. The GbX E-Series backplane module shares the same footprint as standard GbX®, providing a drop-in replacement allowing designers to scale up to 6.25 Gbps data rates.

  • 40% reduction in connector crosstalk
  • Backplane module shares the same footprint as standard GbX
  • GbX 0.018″(.046mm) compliant pin
  • Complete backwards compatibility on all pads-only designs

GbX L-Seires: Cost-performance Optimized Solution

  • Ideal for low-speed lines such as TTL sense and control
  • Customized signal integrity performance by varying ground-to-signal ratio
  • 1,85mm x 1,85mm open pin field version of GbX

CbX RAM: Right Angle Male

  • Right angle male enables co-planar board-to-board to cable high-speed interconnection
  • Currently available in 2-pair configuration (27 differnetial pairs per linear inch)
  • Available in two different heights – standard RAM and extended RAM
  • High-speed differential and L-Series versions available