Board level products for harsh environments


High density metric


Amphenol’s High Density Metric (HDM) and High Density Metric Plus (HDM PLUS) connector family designed for applications that demand a combination of high signal pin density plus high-speed signal integrity

Key features

  • 2mm modular design
  • Based on six-row array of contacts spaced 2mm apart
  • Module architecture simplifies production of long continuous connector patterns
  • Contact density of 30 contacts per centimeter , or over 75 contacts per inch
  • Can operate in applications with rise times as low as 500 pico seconds
  • Modular components for power, polarizing, guidance, and coax

Amphenol’s HDM connector family has been chosen for demanding applications in many of the high-performance servers which support the internet as well as other telecom and datacom applications. With over 100 million mated signal lines installed in customer systems to date, HDM is a proven performer.