Board level products for harsh environments


High-bandwith for differential applications


VHDM-HSD is a shielded, high-density, high-speed press-fit connector system optimized for differential pair architectures

Optimize performance

VHDM-HSDTM is formatted with the same modularity features and full breadth of component solutions as the single-ended version, VHDM®. This modularity and its inherent design flexibility allow designers to incorporate both differential and single-ended requirements in the same connector and optimize system designs.

VHDM-HSD™ Configuration

VHDM’s backplane modules come in two lengths, 10 positions or column and 25 positions. The matching daughtercard configuration is in multiples of 10 or 25 signal « wafers » (2mm each). These modules can be combined with power modules and modules containing polarizing and guidance to achieve the desired pin count and mix of features. The illustrations below show the basic dimensional footprints for these respective modules.

Key features

  • VHDM-HSDTM delivers data rates up to 5 Gbps, scalable to 10 Gbps with backwards compatible eHSD® connector
  • Comprised of a 5-Row, 6-Row and 8-Row version
  • Utilizes 2mm grid that permits straight-ahead PCB routing of signal traces of up to 10mm wide
  • Modular design enables mix of single-ended and differential signals within the same connector
  • Crosstalk as low as 2%
  • Identical (intermateable/interchangeable) second source

Create customized slot configurations by mixing any combination of the VHDM, VHDM-HSD and eHSD modules on the same rear organizing stiffener

  • VHDM-HSD -high-speed differential signals
  • eHSD -up to 10Gbps performance
  • VHDM -single-ended, high-density connectors
  • VHDM H-series -single-ended, high-density with greater signal integrity
  • VHDM L-Series -single-ended, shieldless for low-speed connections