Board level products for harsh environments


High performance connection systems


The VHDM connector platform is the industry standard for high-speed backplane applications, with measured system performance beyond 5 Gbps and billinos of pins installed worldwide. Proven performance, design flexibility, and reliability are just a few of the reasons why.

Unmatched design flexibility

The VHDM® connectors modular format and breadth of components provide unmatched design flexibility. VHDM® can be combined with VHDM-HSDTM to incorporate both single ended and differential levels of performance within the same connector. The VHDM® connector system can also be used in « mid-plane » configurations where daughtercards plug into the backplane from both sides. Amphenol’s patented midplane solution in which standard backplane modules can be mounted on either side of a PCB assembly using the same via holes.

Key features

  • De facto industry standard for high-speed backplane applications
  • All the features and functionality required in a system in a single connector
  • 76 – 101 real signals per linear inch
  • Telcordia and UL specification compliant
  • Identical, fully intermateable/ interchangeable second source
  • Comprised of a 6-Row and 8-Row version
  • Delivering data rates up to 3.125 Gbps
  • Based on a 2mm x 2.2mm grid
  • Stripline shielding allows 100% of the pins to be used for signals
  • Crosstalk less than 5%

VHDM: Optimized for singled-ended, high-density applications

  • Delivering data rates up to 3.125 Gbps
  • Less than 5% crosstalk
  • Stripline shielding allows 100% of the pins to be used for signals

VHDM H-Series: Backwards compatibility, superior signal integrity

  • VHDM L-Series: Cost-preformance optimized solution
  • Open pin field version, ideal for TTL sense and control, and other low-speed data lines
  • Enhanced performance by increasing ground-to-signal ratio, routing differentially, or by combining VHDM and/or VHDM-HSD™
  • Can be used to reduce overall slot costs
  • Stiffener compatible with the full VHDM product family

VHDM RAM: Right Angle Male

  • Grow systems horizontally by creating traditional backplane components in a right angle orientation