Board level products for harsh environments


Scalable performance from 8 to 25 Gbps


Amphenol’s XCede connector platform is designed to enable future data requirements of datacom, telecom, storage and wireless equipment:
- Ethernet – PCI Express – SAS
- SONET/SDH – HyperTransport – SATA
- InfiniBand – Fibre Channel

Highest Density to meet challenging design requirements

Offering today’s highest linear density of 82 differential pairs per inch, the XCede product family meets the true high density needs of architectures with multiple front or rear fabric slots and blade systems with cooling straight through the backplane.

Broad Family of Interconnect Solutions

The XCede platform supports 2-Pair (27.5 differential pairs per linear inch) through 6-Pair (82 differential pairs per linear inch) connector sizes with complementary guidance, backplane and bus bar power modules, and stacker, cable and coplanar interconnect solutions.

High performance

The XCede connector delivers the lowest crosstalk of any backplane connector available today.

Proven Reliability of press-fist attachment with Improved Impedance Performance

Shorter backplane compliant pin fits a 17.7mil finish hole size (0.55mm drill) and allows deeper backdrilling and dual diameter vias to enhance the return loss performance of the footprints. Midplanes with shared vias can also be thinner. A new shorter compliant pin utilizes a 13.7mil finish hole size (0.45mm drill) for both daughtercard and backplane plated through holes.

Exceptional Robustness

The XCede backplane connector system provides mechanical longevity and ruggedness required by today’s systems. Wide shield contacts feature a stiffness enhancing rib and are advanced well ahead of the signals for “drag your finger across” robustness. Daugtercard connectors feature Amphenol’s integral stiffener which allows designers to incorporate all components, including power and guidance, into one robust assembly.

User Flexibility

Escape on all four sides of a connector module with secondary routing channels between the double ground vias in each column. This flexibility can cut the number of routing layers in half and help route congested areas.

Key features

  • Meets the IEEE 802.3ap v3.2 10GBASE-KR standard with margin
  • Innovative 3D resonance damping shield technology
  • De-skewed differnetial pairs
  • Tightly matched impedance
  • 85 and 100ohm impedance
  • 27.5 – 82 differential pairs per inch (11-32 differential pairs per centimeter)
  • Field proven high-density power & guidance
  • Integrate all components in one robust package
  • Ruggedized backplane contacts
  • Embedded capacitors